We help Sales Organizations:

  • Grow by increasing their organizational capability
  • Communicateeffectively with internal and external Clients
  • Performmore effectivelyas a team
  • Adaptquickly and effectivelyto changes in their environment

We do that through consulting and training:

  • Consulting with sales management on organizational and personnel developement challenges
  • Trainingmanagers and salespeople to operate more effectively and efficiently

Core Skill Sets

All of CRC's programs and services are grounded in four core skill sets:

  • Communications(questioning, listening and presenting ideas) is an integral component of both our Core and Advanced sales training programs. Key elements of our process include learning to speak the language of consultative selling and building relationships upon a foundation of mutual trust.
  • Problem-Solving(framing a problem or opportunity to create paths to different solution sets, understanding the difference between a Need and a Solution, generating alternatives, and separating the people from the problem). Advanced problem solving skills and negotiation training for your sales team.
  • Meeting Facilitation(how to open and frame the purpose of a meeting; understanding the different phases of a meeting; team selling). Our basic and advanced consultative selling track teaches the skill and art of conducting an effective meeting with your clients and prospects.
  • Relationship-Building(Building Trust while you work towards achieving desired business results). Relationship buildingis integral to the consultative sales approach. Building strong, effective client relationships is a cornerstone of consultative selling.

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